Monday, 2 February 2015

LONE SURVIVORS: How we came to be the only humans on earth, by Chris Stringer

This remarkable book, by Chris Stringer, is filled with whole sections I'd like to quote, but I thought this paragraph might be particularly inspiring to anyone working on a large project (and life itself, of course, is a large project - so really anyone might find this interesting!):

". . .In July 1971 I left the United Kingdom on a trip to museums and research institutes in ten European countries. The aim was to gather as many data as possible on the Neanderthals and their modern-looking successors in Europe, the Cro-Magnons, to see whether the evolutionary pattern was one of continuity or rupture. I only had a modest grant from the Medical Research Council for a four month trip, and so I drove my old car, sleeping in it, camping, or staying in youth hostels - in Belgium I even spent one night in a shelter for the homeless. I survived many adventures, including several border confrontations and two robberies, but by the end of my 5,000 mile trip I had collected one of the largest data sets of Neanderthal and early modern skull measurements assembled by anyone up to that time."
(pg. 19)